Mindfulness for Children

Our SMIle mindfulness training series for children provides educational and leadership training to youth ages 12-18 with an emphasis on at-risk youth. We have worked in after-school programs and with incarcerated youth. Our six-to-ten week mindfulness classes address issues related to both behavior and choices, and seeks to redirect that behavior by providing social/emotional learning, communication and mindfulness skills.

Children participating in our SMIle mindfulness series will not only learn communication skills but also impulse control, anger management, and new ways to get their needs met. Compassion practices are also an essential part of our program. Youth have the opportunity to share their own experience and how it impacted them, as well as gain support in developing empathy. 


What Does Research Say?

Mindfulness based practices and their benefits have been researched for decades, first in the health, then as mental health interventions, and only recently in education.
Extensive new research in mindfulness in education indicates that benefits for children are quite promising! 
The consensus among numerous studies indicate that with mindfulness practice, there are improvements in at least three areas: healthier body, better emotional well-being, and sharpened attention.

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mindfulness in education


mindfulness in Education

SMIle offers one-and-a-half-hour to full day mindfulness training workshops for parents, teachers, administrators, and students to expose them to mindfulness and introduce mindfulness training in the classroom, after school programs and community centers.

Is Your Organization Interested? Schools, after-school programs and other youth organizations interested in hosting a Mindfulness Workshop for their community can contact us at 828-817-0798, or email to get in touch!


Academic research now indicates that social-emotional intelligence
(SEL) is a better predictor of future success than standardized testing.

Integration of mindfulness training in education for social-emotional learning (SEL) for children.

Integration of mindfulness training in education for social-emotional learning (SEL) for children.

SMI offers research-based programs dedicated to the mission of cultivating social-emotional learning (SEL) through a mindfulness-based contemplative practice. At the cutting edge of the field of SEL is the emerging recognition that the components of social emotional learning when integrated with contemplative educational experiences are powerful.

A primary SEL competence, self-awareness, can be cultivated through a mindfulness-based contemplative practice.  This integration of SEL and mindfulness training not only gives students an opportunity to slow down enough to pay attention to their inner lives but also gives them pedagogical tools to cultivate skills that foster calm and resilience, making them better participants in life and in the classroom. Managing emotions becomes self-discipline.
Empathy becomes the basis for altruism
caring and compassion.