Mindfulness Coaching

SMI provides online and in-person mindfulness coaching and mentoring to a limited number of clients each month. Mindfulness coaching offers an opportunity for one-on-one exploration, with a highly trained and experienced professional, of developing and sustaining mindful living.

Coaching and mentoring sessions can be accessed from anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer or a smart phone, Internet connection, and a desire to lead a more mindful, purposeful or engaged life. 

Online or in-person mindfulness coaching and mentoring

Online or in-person mindfulness coaching and mentoring

Mindfulness coaching online and in person

Mindfulness coaching online and in person


Good Coaches:

  • Create a safe environment in which people see themselves more clearly;

    Identify gaps between where the client is and where the client needs or wants to be

  • Ask for more intentional thought, action and behavior changes than the client would have asked of him or herself

  • Guide the building of the structure, accountability, and support necessary to ensure sustained commitment



One-On-One Mindfulness

The best way to understand the Coach’s role in this context is to imagine having a trusted confidential sounding board, your own personal well-being board of directors, supporting you and guiding you on your life’s successful, meaningful and peaceful journey.

Sessions are 60 minutes long, and consist of a short meditation, a check-in, an extensive process of coaching, Q & A and a summary of the main points discussed in the session. A written summary is also provided via email/text on the following day.


Sheila Garrick is a Certified Applied Positive Psychology and Mindfulness-Based Relationship Coach. Sheila works with you to understand the deeper and bigger picture of your life, the “where you are “. I assist you in clarifying “where you would like to be”, and guide you through an inner shift and outer process to help you achieve lasting & meaningful results.

Dr Barbara Burggraaff combines her expertise in Insomnia and Sleep Medicine to Mentor and Coach Individuals struggling with sleep issues. As a mentor, she is your trusted experienced adviser. As your coach, she asks powerful questions that allow you to chart actionable steps to better health and well being.