Mindfulness 101

Unlike many online classes, our Mindfulness 101 courses offer the benefits of a live, interactive learning setting — from the comfort of your own home or office. We bring a real, dynamic classroom to you, anywhere in the world.  And for added flexibility, you can opt instead to view the recorded version of any or all sessions on your own schedule. All you need is a computer, or compatible smart phone, an Internet connection, and of course an open mind.

Our Mindfulness 101 online course is designed to support you in developing and sustaining a mindfulness practice in simple, practical ways. We’ll start with the basics. Learn what mindfulness is. Explore its many benefits and understand the science that backs up the practice.


ʽʽ  This new sense of slowing down, being in the present, taking it all in, and riding the waves of life, have helped me grow, personally and professionally.  ʼʼ

— Anne, Pittsburg, PA


Everyday Mindfulness

Our experienced online mindfulness instructors will introduce you to an array of strategies to help develop mindfulness in your everyday life, from instruction and practice in a variety of mindfulness meditation techniques to pragmatic applications of mindfulness in daily activities.  These methods are, by design, easy to learn, and easy to apply, even if you know little or nothing about mindfulness when you start.

Each class is 60-minutes long, and consists of meditation practices, review of the previous week’s lesson, and Q & A. Following each class, you will receive guided meditations for daily practice and additional resource material to further explore topics of interest to you.